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Amazing Lifestyles Over Sea Mountain with over $1000 Coupons and 100 Percent LOVE SMI

Silly boys, after this beach we going to the real naked land of Sea Mountain Spa

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This Week:
SKIN and Lust

the warm up to MEMORIAL DAZE

This is your chance for a wild to mild Sea Mountain Week – The midweek’s are filling up more than ever so book early!

Sea Mountain Resort is a Spa, a Hotel, a Day Club, a Night Club, a Love Club and Resort… A wonderland of safe and upscale sensuality.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa - MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT

760-251-4744 Palm Springs
At YOUR Sea Mountain Inn, Spa and Day Destination Southern California.

Sea Mountian Nude Resort Time Machine

Sea Mountain MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT - foods, costumes and more - This event sells out weeks ahead come join the most provocative spa on earth 760-251-4744.

A week unlike any other – Perfect weather and a bouquet of stars.

DJ dance party happens this Saturday night in the NEW Taboo Gardens and Dharma Room lounges, it’s nights of dance and stars and days of sun and fun. Almost sold out!

Beam us up... SMI celebrating 10 years of exclusive American idealism.  We toast our amazing loving Seamountaineers in their struggle for equality

Sea Mountain is a Spa, an Inn, a Day Spa, a Love Destination. A place of safe and upscale sensuality.

Massages available EVERY Day of the year.

Call NOW: 760-251-4744

This is your chance for a wild to mild Sea Mountain Week – The midweek’s are filling up more then ever so book early!

Some wish to bake in the sun and steam in our warm waters and contemplate each other and read while listening to earths best Dew music while others lil’ devil come out and party like rock stars and make new friends for life and renew the love vows of sensuality. What ever you seek SMI is the resort destination to rekindle, reignite and reflect. A positive Up-scale experience dedicated to YOU.

Sea Mountain Resort is a Spa, a Hotel, a Day Club, a Night Club, a Love Club and Resort… A wonderland of safe and upscale sensuality

One of the best events of the year as we hit 90 degrees all weekend at the resort. This is a special invite open to those of you only who have this VIP email! Party like a rock star at Sea Mountain Spa Resort Hotel Club and Universe.

It’s a lifestyle experience with:
  • Luxury rooms
  • The world’s best music
  • The 24 dance/play lounge
  • Heated pool and Jacuzzi open all night
  • Tender Love
  • Foods, snacks and unlimited beverages
Get naked, tan and party all day!!! Clothing Optional Never felt so right – Sea Mountain Inn Feels so right there must be something Wrong.

Sea Mountain Lifestyles Spa - Fulfilling fantasies Now around the globe

Enjoy the beautiful eves with the all-night pool and whirlpool events. While most hotels pools close at dusk SMI mineral water warm water nude pools remain open all night – Unlike other spas where you might be separated from the person you visit with, at SMI Lifestyles Hotel and Day Club you remain through the day with the One you are with.

A true romantic treat!

Look for new Sea Mountains opening soon!

Sea Mountain Puerto Rico and Sea Mountain Cabo Mexico and the all NEW Lifestyles Center


The Sea Mountain Week where Love is Proven to Exist Yes, the world’s most amazing lifestyle event is coming in force!

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa - MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT

Clothing Optional Never felt so right Sea Mountain Inn Feels so right there must be something wrong.

Upcoming Events at the Sea Mountain Inn:

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa - MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT

May 5 – 11
Mosaic and Lifestyles SKIN – A Palm Springs exclusive Lifestyles Week and event as seen in Magazines and LA Xpress best week for lifestyles
One of the young swingers take over and a lingerie exclusive. This is a 4 day and night event culminating with Saturday and Sunday back to back lifestyles rage of sun as seen in VH1 sensual rage of the world. This is a lifestyles Zen intensive with world m#sic and the return of our European and South American v@ccinated Seamountaineers

May 12 – 18
SKIN – The Scalding Hot Water USA Meets Europe and Asia Unbridled sensuality in the SUN
The all new sea mountain day beds and earths most sensual upscale couples only – At this writing almost sold out as the earth’s best weather meets the wettest adults in the world. The Sun Searing Event – Almost Sold Out – PJs, School Girls, the Pole and Waterworld of SUN with food and beverages all day! THE up-scale Couples takeover lifestyle sites from around the world with ultra lovers from over 8 countries coming down for the best spa in the USA – The annual event with the world’s greatest tunes, celebrities pool week – Unlike all else and the day time parties with very up-scale friends from Seattle, Canada and the ultra VIP San Francisco and NYC groups coming for a water world in the Los Angeles desert – These VIP events are filling quickly – Amazing weather this week incredible lovers from across the globe – Mixers event and school girls and PJs so get ready 760-251-4744.

May 19 – 25
Sensual Militias – PLUS a new SMI lifestyles Event for those who love to dress wild… DESERT SAVAGE as seen in Best of Swing
World lifestyles week and spring break for adults only as seen in Esquire and FHM – Where the best you comes alive – No matter your age it’s all about your desires. What happens when 7 lifestyles groups come together with the most sensual couples from over 35 states to enter the Palm Springs Kingdom of Lifestyles.

Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa - MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT

May 26 – 31
Sea Mountain MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT with fireworks - Almost sold out 760-251-4744 This 5-day weekend fest is almost sold out – Call NOW for delicious rooms for Vegas and SMI Cali. Unlike any other hotel in the world – With special Grammy sexy event, celebs, foods, costumes and more – This event sells out weeks ahead come join the most provocative get together on earth 760-251-4744. Memorial Daze NAKED SENSUAL Three Day Major Event Rage Some openings left at this time – A world class event – Memorial Day historically sells out way in advance – It’s a 4-day event of naked sun, dancing and major prizes with wall-to-wall hot bodies like yours, ready to soak in the natural waters and sun! The theme and contest is lingerie ultra with prizes and contest Saturday 7 o’clock – Catered specialties and more fun than humans are allowed to have. Look for special events that Saturday. Open bar from noon to 7PM with dinner included too. Over 100 couples each day in the celebration of the summer – Book now, book early – Unlimited beverages – Special lunches and dinners – Special guest star groups – This incredible event already has limited passes available. 760-251-4744 – REMEMBER, the party goes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and of course Monday too!!! Call today almost sold out!!!!!!!!

Destiny -  A chicken. A road. A crossing. A bad joke and Sea Mountain

June 2 – 8
California a Desire takeover with hosts from across the globe. The summers exclusive high end lifestyles event Sea Mountain Nude lifestyles center and Sea Mountain Ranch Spa in California. Groove Zone Puss and Boots International at SMI. Grove Zone Puss and Boots and the SIZZLE Event – Shoes, heels, sandals, bare feet and events of LOVE where women COME FIRST – Lovers spanning the globe. Annual treks and events. It’s a gathering unlike all others… We also want you to know, if you get this VIP invite you can attend the awesome week long event at the Sea Mountain Inn. As the sun shines down this week it will hit warm, degrees in sunny California – The pools are open all evening – Over 100 lovers are descending from planes and autos into the Zen that you know as Sea Mountain Spa Inn and Spa – Get your tan on, get your groove on and get on top of the one you love. The takeovers continue – Incredible weather and stars – New friends and more! Lingerie and less Saturdays. It’s the SUN LOVERS lifestyle event GOOD things for BAD Girls.

June 9 – 15 Main Event June 12
The Main Event is JUNE 12
California International Annual Events the annual B#RN

June 13 with unlimited beverages, lunch and dinner. Provocative lingerie extreme costume event. A NEW Wicked event for your VIVID imaginations enjoy – The Uber tunes and Ultra Lingerie takeovers as Sea Mountain unique spa becomes a rave and rage – Temptations mixers for the MOST UPSCALE crowds – Look for beauty bash to put all other pools to shame. People just like You in the unconditional unconventional weekend of the Elite – Call 760-251-4744 to get your spot (only 25 spots open). Why the odd number???? U guess. STYLE event at Sea Mountain California this is a costume lifestyles international event with all meals all beverages and some extreme hot couples from around the earth as seen in Best of Esquire THE MAIN EVENT IS JUNE 12.

I just told my family I go to Sea Mountain Nude Spa

June 16 – 22
Electric Sensual Conclave – A lifestyles event with those from over 15 countries descend into SMI
Incredible daily and night pool events as the two centers of the Lifestyles collide in Palm Springs. A 43 hour event the new opening new playareas and the Lingerie intensive new reveal at the SMI TG Lounge.

June 23 – 29
Sensual Militias – PLUS a new SMI lifestyles Event for those who love to dress wild… DESERT SAVAGE – A lingerie love event
ala Groove ZONE this all inclusive event with friends and eclectic tunes and art to break all waves desire into the dome of SMI foam too extreme lingerie Massive lifestyles takeover with couples from over 25 countries the most elite and loving with the best weather In the world – pre-sale now open.

Sea Mountain Nude Spa present our cookies and our fried chicken - Just love it!

July 1 – 6
Sexual Independence Daze – The Ultimon Erotix SKIN Fair – July 3 and 4. The most incredible events of the lifestyles in the world
THE MOST EROTIX EVENT IN THE WORLD WITH OPEN BARS FOOD AND FIREWORK DISPLAYS – LIMITED ROOMS AVAILABLE – THIS WILL SELL OUT SOON – AS SEEN IN MAXIM The largest upscale gathering of the most elite couples in the world! With open bars, all meals, fireworks, contests and much more! The Go Forth come Forth the American Mosaic of Sexual Independence Day Events Friday night first of July massive – Massive b#rn lifestyles event OMG! Our annual Major COSTUME event and fireworks summers event is JULY 4 Saturday as we attempt to light up the inn like last year with fireworks – Prizes, Sin and Redemption – 4th of July Sensualis – Fourth Of July Sexual Independence – July 4 is sensual fireworks ultra event – Beauty fires event With lunch, breakfast, dinner, open beverages and stars. Red, White, Toga and Masks – Sensual 4th of July -> From a whisper to a scream! Where it or go n@ked in decadent Rome – Romp and p@rty in nude Eden — The Sea Mountain Spa California – Lifestyles over California – The stars are aligned the misters are pumping the water is beckoning This is exclusive event is of course only for you who receive this email – The Sea Mountain is packed with new friends all week and a three day event is happening in the only nude lifestyles spa in the USA! If you are reading this then you are a VIP! – as of this invite time there are still rooms at the locations across the street from the f@mous Sea Mountain Inn for this Fourth of July week call today: 1-760-251-4744 Summers largest lifestyles event open bars, foods and contests.

Sea Mountain B#RN Event July 10

July 7 – 13
B#rning Week Summer and the B#rn Event

July 22 – 27
Spectacular sensual Worlds COLLIDE – Events for those in love and those falling in Love – Last year this sold out by Friday so put on your love looks and come to n@ked paradise with amazing night events. The recipe for Sensualis: take dozens of the sexiest persons in the world, take off all levels of clothing in the day for the misting and cooling waters, shake them all in the Taboo Gardens lounge even in the daytime d@nce, dip them all in the cool refreshing mineral water pool, bake them in the warm sun for several hours, marinate them with Sea Mountain juices, turn them over so their derrieres are exposed to more heat from the clean air sun, splash them in water and then watch them KISS for several seconds at a time, throw in some imported Seamountaineers, cover those tan MOFOs with lots of coco butter, smear it on the sexiest bodies in this universe, add smiles and shake em with some Dewism mash-up tunes, add SMI snacks to their bellies add some love, then as the night starts to caress the day, take one pair of heels, one dab of makeup, set them to shake and d@nce and collide into the mineral water cool pools and warm hot tub, procreate, set them carefully in their beds and watch them GLOW… The most up-scale of events! 760-251-4744

Refreshing, inspiring, a place of love and positive energy - Sea Mountain Spa

The home of Hot mineral water pools
and the sunshine capital of the USA

THANK YOU FOR making Sea Mountain Inn Spa Daylounge Cl#b the NUMBER ONE
Lifestyles experience in the USA!

May this always be a beacon for personal liberty, kindness to our planet, the empowerment of women and the unity and harmony of our unique American identities – SMI where earths arms embrace each person from all backgrounds to find a common ground in love!

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760-251-4744 Palm Springs

Overnight stays are available – CALL FOR details

Coming?... or just breathing hard? Announcing the ALL NEW Sea Mountain DAY Lounge Night Lounge Inn

Please note: The following offers are
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Limited number of suites/spots available.

Sea Mountain Fr@@play Offer

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Sea Mountain Kiss of Thanks Offer

Sea Mountain Triple Play SMI Offer

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Experience the world’s greatest mixes and celebrate your love in our nude mineral water spa bath.

– Tan nude, rejoice nude, a lifestyles Inn with class and style – The Sea Mountain Nude pools – Experience the weekend fire pits and the every day / every night Taboo Lounge with the pole – The uber lounge for nude lifestyles day and night.

Sea Mountain MEMORIAL DAZE - THE ANNUAL EVENT with fireworks - Almost sold out 760-251-4744

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